Molchanovs instructor crossover in Dahab

Improve your diving with current world champion and world record holder Alexey Molchanov, who can dive to an incredible depth of 130 m and join happy Molchanovs team becoming an insturctocof Molchanovs system.


Molchanovs instructor crossover

If you have a qualifying instructor certificate of any of existing freediving school (AIDA, PADI, SSI, Apnea Academia, etc.) but you would like to prove your professional skills with Molchanovs qualification, so for you we organize a crossover, which takes place 26-29 October 2018 in Dahab, Egypt.


26-29 October 2018. Just 4 days and you are a happy member of Molchanovs team which is famouse world wide.


Egypt, Dahab, Blue Hole.

Diving conditions
  • tempreture on suface: +25°C +27°C;
  • no thermocline;
  • no ocean currents;
  • diving from the shore;
  • maximum depth 90 m.
Required gear
  • mask;
  • 1,5 or 3 mm wetsuit;
  • a pair bifins or a monofin;
  • weightbelt;
  • weights;
  • lanyards.

Cost of participation

The cost of participation in Molchanovs instructor crossover (26-29 October 2018) is 430 euro per person. The course is for instructors who are qualified by any of existing freediving school (AIDA, PADI, SSI, Apnea Academia, etc.).

The price includes all theoretical education, training and certification costs.

The price doesn’t include following costs:

  • travel,
  • accommodation,
  • meals,
  • gear hire.

To ensure your booking nonrefundable 100 euro deposit is required.


If you are an active accredited freediving instructor from a recognized freediving education system (PADI, SSI, Apnea Academy, AIDA, etc), you may be eligible to participate in this Crossover course.

To be certified as a Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructor, you will be required to pass skill demonstrations, a written exam, be of appropriate character, and meet the following minimum performance requirements:

  • 42m CWT
  • 20m rescue + 50m tow
  • 100m pool DYN / 75m open water DYN
  • 70m DNF / 50m open water DNF
  • 30m CNF
  • 4 min STA
  • 20m CWT within 35 seconds

Please note that these are minimum performance requirements and the expectation is that Crossover candidates should be able to meet those standards reasonably easily and with good form.


If you would like to sign up, please email a copy of your current instructor certification along with your personal bests in CWT, CNF, FIM, DYN, DNF and STA to

To secure your booking, a nonrefundable 100 EUR deposit can be made. Payment will be arranged by either credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

If you require additional information, please email the above with your questions, and we will be happy to help!

Молчанов Алексей

Многократный чемпион и рекордсмен мира по фридайвингу, сооснователь и Председатель Совета Ассоциации фридайверов «Федерация Фридайвинга», ведущий инструктор системы Molchanovs.

Первый россиянин, погрузившийся на глубину более 100 метров с задержкой дыхания.

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