Rodolfo Escalante

Первый инструктор Федерации Фридайвинга в Мексике. Проводит курсы и регулярные занятия в Плайя дель Кармен (Мексика) на испанском и английском языках.

I’m a free diver, that grows in the depth thanks to my skill in pranayama and deep meditation (since I practice for the last 5 years and I became instructor of Naam Yoga), where it lies my skill to teach how to calm the mind, balance the emotions and create a positive mind for performance.

NataliaMolchanova and Alexey Molchanov inspire me to become once more an athlete (my background is Triathlon from 19 to 21 yrs old, I practiced and I became high performance athlete) and this time look into become a professional since many benefits I can mention freedive make in to my life, passion is the main energy allow me to train «hard» and reach goals in a progressive and constant way.

I was inspired to become a Freedive instructor in Freedive federation because I believe that Natalia and Alexey are the icon of the modern generation in freedive performance, after study and train with them Im sure that they have created a way to teach freedive and how to practice in an efficient (progressive), safe and fun way.

I have 10 months training at pool where I have achieved this season 67 meter in FIM with 1 charge and no packing, thanks to the techniques of deconcentration and breathing from Molchanovs (Freedive Federation) system.


  • DYN 160

  • DNF 120

  • Static 5:58

  • FIM 67

  • DNF 50

  • Variable 70

My goal in freedive is to keep reaching depth in an easy, progressive and fun way ), thanks to molchanovs system I believe a diver can approach depth and pool limits in a conscious way.

For my country, Im in the track to bring the new generations of free-divers and bring Mexico pools & Depth records in to world class levels, depth will take some time so I can start competing vs the world class athletes.

In this order Freedive Federation in Mexico will become the best academy that can teach how to develop an athletic skill in an efficient, safe and fun way.

I live in Riviera Maya Mexico, Playa del Сarmen has the perfect condition for training camps and an amazing way to show recreational freedive in our outstanding cenotes and mayan nature.


Email is

Phone M. 52.984.1750458

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