AIDA International объявила о наборе сотрудников

Международная ассоциация фридайверов AIDA International объявила о приёме заявок на следующие вакансии:
  • Вице-президент AIDA International (волонтёрская должность);
  • Член дисциплинарного комитета (волонтёрская должность, приглашается несколько человек);
  • Администратор (оплачиваемая должность);
  • Координатор программных проектов (оплачиваемая должность);
  • Веб-разработчик (оплачиваемая проектная работа).

Для всех предлагаемых позиций свободное владение английским языком обязательно, так что более подробно о вакансиях и требованиях потенциальным кандидатам не составит труда прочесть в оригинальном письме секретаря ассоциации:

Dear Assembly members,
We would like to submit to your attention the following 6 items:

I) Volunteer positions applications:

1 - The Vice president position is now open for applications
Description of the position (as per the statutes, The Vice-President shall perform the responsibilities of the President when requested by the President.
2 - Disciplinary Committee member applications
As the DC should be approved yearly by the Assembly, we would like to receive new applications before the vote.
For the full description of the DC, attributions see the AIDA statutes ( Statutes document ), appendix 2.

II) Hired services:
(For the moment AIDA is not prepared to propose employment, so we’re looking for sub-contractors)

3 - Administration services:
* Instructors activations in EOS (checking the required documents and activate their account)
* administration of online courses (on EOS)
* Mail support for the instructor’s questions
* Checks on our database to admit members to AIDA Facebook groups
Estimated workload: 10hr / week
In addition to the above mentioned mandatory requirements, the knowledge of Mandarin and Korean languages is highly appreciated

4 - Software Project Management services:
* Writing the software project specifications for tenders in accordance with the needs of AIDA (by questioning the board and the different committees involved).
* Collaboration with the IT contractor to pass milestones.
* Testing for validation of the final deliverables.

5 - Tender for Website speed improvement: (web development)
We would like to increase the speed of the parts of the website described in the attached specification document.
We are looking for a sub-contractor that can manage this work before the end of June preferably.
Requirements for all applications (VP, DC members, and the subcontractors):

Good level of English
Good internet access (for online collaboration – usually MS Office: Skype, MS Teams, e-mails)
Knowledge of AIDA Statutes:

To apply, please send your application (resume, formal quote for hired services, and any additional info you consider to be relevant) at before the 4th of May at 23:00 UTC, specifying in the mail subject the position to which you apply. If you wish to apply for several positions, please send one message by position.

We would also like to submit 1 item for discussion only at this time (a vote will follow in a couple of weeks):

6 - AIDA WCs organized by AIDA in order to ensure all rules are respected and to keep the participation cost low for the athletes (by investing the AIDA funds)

Best Regards,

Philippe Péan
AIDA International secretary

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