Russian Open pool Championship 2019 in honor of Natalia Molchanova

Russian Open pool Championship 2019 in honor of Natalia Molchanova this year starts 6 March. Competitions will take place 7 - 10 March. Please, pay attention that 8, 9 and 10 March are state holidays in Russia.



Competition organizer: Freediving Federation.
The competition is held with the status of a world record (competitions with world record status).
The competition is held according to the rules of AIDA International for four days in four disciplines:
  • STA - static apnea;
  • DNF — dynamic apnea without fins;
  • DYNB (BIFINS) —dynamic apnea with bifins;
  • DYN — dynamic apnea with monofins.
The main judge of the competition is Romanova Ekaterina (AI).

Date and location of the competition

Registration takes place on 6 March.
Competitions take place on 7-10 March.
The competitions are held in the swimming pool of the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE) located at the address: Moscow, Sireneviy Boulevard, 2.

Preliminary schedule

6 March (Wednesday) — registration

18:30 – 20:00 — briefing and registration of athletes (in the pool lobby, 2nd floor).

7 March (Thursday) — STA

10:00-13:00 — competitions in STA.

8 March (Friday) — DNF

11:00-14:00 — competitions in DNF.

9 March (Saturday) — DYNB (bifins)

10:00-13:00 — competitions in DYNB (bifins).

10 March (Sunday) — DYN

10:00-13:00 — competitions in DYN.
14:00 — award ceremony.

Determination of winners and awarding

  • The competitions in all disciplines are individual.
  • The competitions are held as direct finals without preliminary starts.
  • The overall winners of the competition will be defined separately among men and women according to the best results.
  • In each discipline, 2 sets of medals will be played out: one will be played out among all athletes; another will be played out just among Russian athletes.
  • Valuable prizes will be awarded only in the standings among all participants (including foreign athletes) in each of the disciplines separately in the men's and women's standings (accordingly the taken places), the winners in the overall standings among Russian athletes separately in the men's and women's standings (not including foreign athletes) also will be awarded.

Safety of athletes and fans

Safety of every participant in the competition is provided according to AIDA standards of freediving competitions.
The reason for athletes admittance to the sports competition according to medical conclusions is medical statement proved by a doctor. The medical certificate should be released not earlier than 12 months before the date of the competitions.
Just men and women older 18 are allowed to take part in the competitions. For the athletes who are 16-17 years old participation is possible just according to written permission of parents.

The order of application and registration of participants

Applications for the competition can be submitted through the registration form in two ways:
  1. via the Google form at the link
  2. on the website at the page of the event via the link (a new AIDA Int. tool that let you check in for competitions on your own, apply for all disciplines (except DYN/BF), and attach a medical certificate).
Please use just ONE of the methods indicated above. Please do not change your application by re-sending the form.
Full-time registration of athletes and verification of medical certificates (certificates/insurance) is held from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm March 6, 2019. in the lobby of the SCOLIPE pool (second floor) at the address: Moscow, Sireneviy Boulevard, 2. For registration every athlete should provide:
  • Passport or ID card;
  • Medical statement;
  • Participation fee.
Please, pay attention that every athlete should be a member of AIDA National.

Financial terms of participation

The participation fee is 1500₽ (20€) per discipline or 4500₽ (60€) for all disciplines. The payment should be made until March 5, 2019.

Details for payment for foreign participants the fee is accepted via PAYPAL at

Please be sure that you send us an email to as soon as the payment is made (in the subject of the email, please, write: "Russian pool Championship-2019 fee + NAME SURNAME").

The participation fee is not refundable if an athlete cancels the application later than 2019.01.05. Cancelations or amendments of applications should be sent to (in the subject of the email, please, write: "Russian pool Championship-2019 announce + NAME SURNAME").

Cost of participation, accommodation, and transport are at the expenses of athletes or their clubs. Freediving Federation provides all necessary gear and equipment and organizes opening and closing ceremony of the Championship.


If you have any questions, please, contact Valery Radchenko the manager of the competitions by:
  • Phone/WhatsUp/Viber/Telegram: +79254527566:
  • e-mail: (subject: "Russian pool Championship-2019).
To download Terms and conditions of the Championship, please, use the link.